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Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Skincare is one of my passions and pleasures. Not only does it put a huge whole in my pocket, but it has become somewhat of an obsession. I'm constantly looking for the next new product to keep my skin firm and young. Or searching for products with the type of marketing that can suck me in with cute packaging. Who doesn't love great branding! There are millions of skincare lines and products out there I'm dying to try. I've had my eyes on a few facial patches that have gone in and out of my cart and I just haven't pulled the trigger on buying.

KOCOSTAR Lip Masks: KOCOSTAR is a Korean beauty brand that specializes in facial masks. Their lip masks are not only adorable, but offer many benefits to a perfect pout. The rose mask provides hydration and extracts like rosemary and peppermint soothe and nourish. While the cherry blossom mask rejuvenates and helps with fine lines around the lip area.

Benton Snail Bee Hydrogel Eye Patch: These patches are packed with everything to keep the eye area bright, tight, and wrinkle free. I did end up purchasing these due to their key ingredient; snail secretion. Yes, snail secretion. It is thought to help protect the skin barrier, while repairing uneven skin tone and plump the skin to prevent wrinkles.

Good Molecules Energizing Eye Patch: Good Molecules is a brand I just recently discovered and want to try everything they have! Their hydrogel eye patches help firm and brighten around the eye. They are packed with caffeine to help depuff and energize those tired eyes to start your morning off right.

Starface Hydro Stars: I have been seeing these little babies everywhere! From Instagram, to Facebook, to my favorite beauty guru's. Not only are these little acne stickers the cutest, they help in more ways than one. Hydrocolloid spot treatment helps reduce scaring and inflammation to help pimples disappear overnight. I have very sensitive skin and suffer from adult acne, so these are definitely on my must-have list.

Comment below if you've tried any of these products or if they're on your must-have list too!

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