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Updated: Jan 26, 2022

When I say I've dated a lot of f*ck boys, I mean a lot. Well, maybe not a lot, but I have a lot of stories from the ones I've dated. I could write a cute little coffee table book that would be a great statement piece. But, for now, I'll just share on here.

One of my favorite stories is from a guy I dated on and off through out high school and in my early 20's. He was, and still is, your basic loser. No money and no job. I look back and truly wonder what I saw in him.

It was a normal morning for me. Started my day at work in the office. I kept having to cancel call after call from this guy, texting him back "Baby, I'm at work. I'll call you when I'm off." So, naturally, I call him back when I'm off on my way home. What wasn't so normal was a girl answered. I immediately question who she was. She proceeds to tell me she's (insert f*ck boy's name) girlfriend. A bit puzzled, I respond telling her that I, myself, am his girlfriend. Turns out, I was in fact NOT his girlfriend.

In the time span of nine hours, I was getting phone calls from my boyfriend telling me to have a good day, to be broken up with without my knowledge, and finding out I was replaced by the new girl answering my call.

I vividly remember being on the train home and hanging up just laughing.

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